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adidas Yeezy Boost 380 'Mist Non-Reflective' FX9764 Signature Shoe

  • Model: adidas-yeezy-boost-380-mist-non-reflective-fx9764
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  • Model No


    Release Date





    Mist Non-Reflective



    Toe type

    Round Toe

    Heel type

    Thick bottom

    Color way

    Dust/Grey Mist-White

    Adding to the adidas Yeezy Boost 380 lineup, the "Mist" colorway features a Primeknit upper with camouflage-like graphics. The overall color scheme is kept warm and neutral with the olive and tan hues. A signature chunky midsole is enveloped by a Gum rubber outsole to complete the look.

    The adidas Yeezy Boost 380 'Mist Non-Reflective' FX9764 Signature Shoe is a distinctive and fashion-forward addition to the Yeezy footwear line. These sneakers are known for their unique and futuristic design, as well as their comfortable fit, making them a favored choice among sneaker enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals.

    At first glance, the adidas Yeezy Boost 380 'Mist Non-Reflective' FX9764 immediately stands out with its modern and innovative design. The shoe’s upper is typically crafted from premium materials, featuring a combination of synthetic textiles and mesh, which contributes to its sleek and contemporary look.

    The defining feature of these signature shoes is their futuristic and distinctive silhouette. The ‘Mist Non-Reflective’ is celebrated for its unique design, which includes a bulbous and textured midsole, as well as comfortable Boost technology in the sole, ensuring a cushioned and responsive experience when walking or running.

    In terms of functionality, the ‘Mist Non-Reflective’ offers both style and comfort. The Boost technology in the sole provides excellent support and cushioning, and the shoe’s sock-like fit ensures a snug and comfortable feel on the foot.

    The ‘Mist Non-Reflective’ colorway is celebrated for its forward-looking and bold design, making it a preferred choice for fashion enthusiasts who appreciate unique and innovative footwear.

    The Yeezy Boost Shoe is a fashionable and distinctive choice for those who value style and comfort in their sneakers. The combination of premium materials, the iconic Yeezy Boost silhouette, and the eye-catching color scheme with reflective elements makes these sneakers a unique and fashionable addition to your sneaker collection.

    In summary, the adidas Yeezy Boost 380 'Mist Non-Reflective' FX9764 Signature Shoe represents a fusion of style and innovation. Whether you’re a fan of contemporary and unique design, a collector of standout sneakers, or someone who appreciates both fashion and performance in their footwear, the sneaker is a fashion-forward and comfortable choice for those who appreciate both aesthetics and functionality in their sneakers.